Positive Money at the Fire Starter Festival

The Edinburgh Positive Money group is running a Fire Starter Festival event on Tue 29 January 2019

Too join us at this event, please order tickets here: Where does money come from?

(If you are already a member of Positive Money, please do NOT order tickets for this event - the event is intended to introduce the ideas of Positive Money to people not in the know).

To find out about the Fire Starter Festival, look here: Fire Starter Festival

To help us decide how best to pitch our presentation, please complete our questionnaire: Fire Starter Questionnaire

Future meetings of the Edinburgh Positive Money group will be held on :

  • Tues 18 Dec, 2018
  • Tues 15 Jan, 2019
  • Tues 19 Feb, 2019 (venue to be announced)
  • Tues 19 Mar, 2019 (venue to be announced)
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